Dreaming of M.A.R.S

And so, officially Bruno Mars just made his way into my heart. I spent my whole day listening to the track “Just the way you are” and i kept playing it over and over again and just never got tired. Bruno has the natural gift of knowing what every woman wants to hear. maybe that’s what differs him from other artists. Do you really say that to your girl bruno? if so, then i bet she gets all jittery all over whenever you talk to her, even more when you serenade her. And i just watched the u.s telecast of glee, unexpectedly, they sang the song! what a coincidence! and a song “marry you” was a wonder to me while im hearing it coz it captured me the moment i heard it. to m y surprise it was also bruno’s song! oh bruno, you got me … Agh ^^,)