scene 01: Emotional junky

choked and teared up for an hour over a show, i was watching this show extreme makeover home edition and it featured the nutsch family, this family , while on vacation last 2005 recieved a shocking phone call notifying them that their house exploded due to a propane leak that completely leveled their three bedroom bungalow. so they were forced to be seperated, the mother together with her 5 kids stayed on her grandfather’s basement while (kevin) the dad lived on a bus, parked and camps out on his property every night to try to protect what few possessions the family still has. It only took seconds to completely obliterate 17 years of memories for the Nutsch family,what suprised me most is that though they have none they still share whats being donated to them to a family they read in a newspaper who lost their home due to hurricane katrina. So, the show worked their hardest to try to rebuild a large part of their lives.they helped the family regain the house by building a new one in just 7 days! plus a full scholarship to the 5 kids, a new source of income (auto shop) and a brand new car, it just proved that when you have a giving heart, more will come back for you. haaaay. (tearing up still) damn it.